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HM-TRP 100mW wireless data link module

HM-TRP 100mW wireless data link module
HM-TRP series is a low cost, high performance transparent FSK transceiver with operating at 434/470/869/915 MHz.
Low cost, high performance , high reliability
FSK modulation, 2-way half –duplex communication, strong anti-interfere
434/470/869/915MHz ISM band,globally license free.
Maximal output power100mW(20dBm),output power adjustable between 1-20dBm
Sensitivity -117dBm
Supply current for Tx 100mA@20dBm, 40mA@14dBm
Supply current for Rx 25mA
Low current sleep mode 1uA
Standard TTL UART interface, extendable to RS232 or other interface

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