ZS-PD9 Step Up Power Module

Giá: 120.000₫ Còn hàng

DC-DC Moving Vehicle-loads Laptop Power Supply 160W Stepless Adjustable Boost Converter 8-40V to 12-60V Step Up Power Module

Adjustable module name: 160w booster module
Model: ZS - PD9
Type: The isolation booster module
    (BOOST) Two input voltage: 8 to 40V input voltage range of optional (via the PCB on the back of the short contact option 1, 8-16V input for three series of li-ion battery and the 12V battery application) 2, 10-40V input (for more than 12V battery, such as wide input voltage range application)
    Adjustable output voltage: 12 to 60V (default output random for fixed output please photographed) Input current: 20A (MAX)
    Static current: 16MA (19V, 12V l Gao Jingtai current can increase the output voltage, if you need more low static current can cancel power light)
    Output current: Maximum 10A (MAX) current size and the differential pressure, temperature are associated
    Output power: Natural cooling power 90W to strengthen heat up to 160W
    Working temperature: - 40 ~ + 85 degrees
    Working frequency: 150 KHZ
    Conversion efficiency: Up to 95% (efficiency and the input, output voltage, current and pressure difference)
    Short circuit protection: Carry 20A fuse (please do not short circuit, short circuit has a risk) Input reverse transient pulse, over voltage protection: No (PCB board have reserved need, please add diode)
    Aluminum shell size: 70mm *39mm * 31mm


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