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Programmable Charge Current Up to 1000mA

Programmable Charge Current Up to 1000mA,                                                                

No MOSFET, Sense Resistor or Blocking Diode Required
Complete Linear Charger in SOP8
Package for Single Cell Lithium-ion Batteries Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage Operation with Thermal Regulation to Maximize Charge
 Rate Without Risk of Overheating
Charges Single Cell Li-Ion Batteries Directly from USB Port
Preset 4.2V Charge Voltage with ± 1% Accuracy
Two Charge Status Output Pin
Automatic Recharge
Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current
Available Radiator in 8-Lead SOP8
 Package,the radiator need connect GND or impending
 2.9V Trickle Charge Threshold
C/10 Charge Termination
2.9V Trickle Charge Threshold
Package / SOIC 8

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