Giá: 6.000₫ Còn hàng

Model: HRS1H-S-DC5V 

Brand: Department of Hong Kong (HKE)
Type: Signal relay
Series: HRS1H Series
Model: HRS1H-S-DC5V
Dimensions (mm): 15.6 × 10.6 × 11.7mm (L × W × H)
Weight: 4.0g
Uses: used in telephone, fax, switches, wireless, ADSL
Contact Rating:
Contact form: 1C (DPDT)
Contact load: 1A 120VAC/24VDC
              Impedance: ≤ 50
              Current rating: 2A
Electrical life: ≥ 10  back
Mechanical life: ≥ 1  back
Coil parameters:
             Resistance (± 10%): 400Ω
             Coil Power: 360mW
             Rated voltage: DC 5V
Operating temperature: -25  ~ +70
Insulation resistance: ≥ 100MΩ
Between coil and contact pressure: 1000VAC
Contacts and contacts between the pressure: 1500VAC

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